Silverton BBQ Bar

Our story

Wondering how this all started? 

Here's the story of a girl from The County who decided to return to her Maine roots.

Earning a BS in Animal Science from UMASS turned into owning a Veterinary Diagnostic Lab, breeding Labradors running/judging Hunt Tests, and upland hunting.

After 2 years of looking, I found this perfect piece of property of 376 acres for myself and my daughter to come home.

Being successful in a business in Maine means being able to adapt, use Yankee ingenuity, and learn to deal with the seasons. My original plan included horse backtrips which I decided wasn't sustainable. I hosted many sporting clays events including Maine State Championship for 2 years and many bachelor parties and corporate events.

I always thought it was cool that my Grampy was a Registered Maine Guide. I got my Guide's license and have guided waterfowl, upland, and deer hunts. I offer pheasant hunts and you may see or hear the pheasants in the fall. Cabins are classic Maine and available for guests to enjoy gazing at the start around the firepit.

But one thing that was always a part of Silverton was food. The first sauce was a special Blend Marinade. I was looking for a way to make wild duck and goose taste better so I could take more people hunting. The BBQ sauces started as a way to give people options with meals. The first sauce I added spirits to was Blueberry Vodka. It was late and I was out of vinegar. I looked around the pantry and thought 'Vodka starts with V'. It worked.

The food aspect was starting to take off and you go with what pays the bills. One day I thought 'Wouldn't a food truck be a good way to promote the sauces?' So I built one. When the Pandemic hit, the food truck became even more important and I was very fortunate to be busy. After coming home one night after 9 straight days on the road, I thought, 'I'm never here and that needs to change'. I realized I already had the lodge and thought it would be a great place for a restaurant. So I got to work.

The lodge is filled with Maine life. Items of mine, my Dad's and paintings by my Grammy. I use my Grampy's baked bean recipe and my Grammy's brown bread and pickle recipes

I hope you enjoy my little slice of Maine!


Learn more about our parternship with our local food bank:

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